The conference was financed by the Oilseed Crops Promotion Fund
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20 MAY


00 H 00 MIN 00 SEC


The online conference "Rapeseed cultivation and the European Green Deal”" is taking place during the International Rapeseed Day 2021 in Minikowo.

The conference will include an introductory lecture highlighting the qualitative aspects of rape - its advantages and characteristics in relation to the requirements introduced to the cultivation / production system under the European Green Deal. After the introductory part of the lecture, an international expert debate will be held, attended by representatives of European oilseed producers' associations (COPA-COGECA) as well as farmers and experts in the cultivation of rapeseed. The issues of rape varieties as well as protection systems and comprehensive fertilization of this plant species will be discussed. All this to answer the question of how to maintain the quality and level of rapeseed yield in the times of the challenges of the Green Deal.


  • Karol Bujoczek
    Karol Bujoczek
  • dr hab. Witold Szczepaniak
    dr hab. Witold Szczepaniak
  • Pedro Gallardo
    Pedro Gallardo
  • Claude Soudé
    Claude Soudé
  • Juliusz Młodecki
    Juliusz Młodecki
  • Stephan Arens
    Stephan Arens
  • dok. Inż. Zdeněk Linhart
    dok. Inż. Zdeněk Linhart



10:00- 10:15 Beginning of the conference
Karol Bujoczek- editor in chief of Top Agrar Polska
10:15- 10:30 Opening of the conference and welcoming the participants

Juliusz Młodecki
President of the National Association of Producers of Rapeseed and Protein Plants

Mariusz Szeliga
President of the Polish Association of Oil Producers

Ryszard Zarudzki
Director of the Kujawsko-Pomorski Agricultural Advisory Centre in Minikowo
10:30- 10:45 Speech given by a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
10:45- 11:15 How to maintain the quality and level of rapeseed production in the times of the European Green Deal challenges? - introductory lecture

dr hab. Witold Szczepaniak – Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu
11:15- 13:40 International expert debate - moderated by Karol Bujoczek,

Participants of the debate: Stephan Arens, Pedro Gallardo, doc. Ing. Zdeněk Linhart, Juliusz Młodecki, Claude Soudé
13:40- 14:00 Summary and closing words of the conference


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